13 Ways to Have More Moolah in the Bank, Without Becoming a Millionaire

Lately, I’ve noticed a tremendous amount of posts entitled, “How to Become a Millionaire,” “10 Daily Habits That Will Make You a Millionaire,” and/or, “This is What You Need to Do to Become a Millionaire.” These blog posts may sound intriguing, and may even pump you up to get on the millionaire bandwagon, but I have found all these reactions are rather illusory and temporary.  You may get excited for a few days, and then reality creeps in.

After seeing these millionaire articles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds daily, it suddenly dawned on me that it was rare to find articles on how to work toward attracting a six-figure income AND how to make it happen. Also, to be honest, I think it’s more doable, feasible and a bit more responsible to share with you steps on how to achieve this goal over the long-term.

money-treeLet me first state that I’m all for going the distance and bringing on the “Extreme (it’s why I named by biz, Extreme Dream Training after all,” but something spoke up in me that said, “People really don’t need to become millionaires; all they really desire is abundance and the feeling that they have plenty and aren’t coming up short each month, or living paycheck-to-paycheck.” By abundance I mean:  a bit extra, financial freedom, security, the feeling of prosperity, and no more worry. The majority of folks just want to know they’ve got money every month to pay the bills, but can also pretty much do or get whatever they want whether it be to: take a vacation, enroll in a class to support their hobby, or not have to calculate down to the penny whether they can go out for dinner rather than staying in to cook.

About 15 years ago I was exposed to the universal laws of Abundance, Reciprocity, Deliberate Creation, and Law of Attraction.  When I was blessed with learning these laws, I put them into committed practice daily. My intention was to make these laws part of a daily ritual—to basically make life feel sacred and that each moment would be a sort of meditative blessing full of good fortune. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t always easy; but the more discipline I put into believing prosperity and abundance are an inherent right, I started to notice that life and my work did get a whole hell-of-a lot easier. And, so by all means, this can absolutely be the case for YOU!

By easier I mean it’s a rare day that I worry about money.  I remember the days– especially in college and when I started out on my full-time career–that I was CONSTANTLY worried about money. It seemed a minute didn’t go by that I wasn’t fretting about it. I’d spend hours calculating and recalculating, and I totally felt I never had enough. It was scary and sad. “Security” has always been my middle name—I’ve always just needed to feel safe and secure financially. Yet, during those times, I didn’t feel safe nor secure at all.

In 2000, the world of Life Coaching opened up to me. This magical, whimsical, “everything-is-possible” industry taught me a whole new way to think, feel, and behave. I always say I went through “brain-training” when I went through my coaching schools and certifications. I literally learned a whole new way to think, shift perspectives, solve problems, and find creative ways to make my biggest dreams have lift-off.

As a result, my dreams have taken off in big, big, big ways!  All this happened because I DID NOT focus on becoming a millionaire but rather focused on what made me FEEL free, independent, joyful, generous, blissed-out, responsible, and dedicated. When I put my focus on remaining committed to my biggest passions, authenticity and sense of playfulness, more money and financial security began to flow into my life which has amounted to NO WORRY. And, I didn’t have to become a millionaire to achieve this and nor do you. 

So, let’s get crackin’ on how you can invite more abundance, money, and security into your life so you can feel calmer, more at peace and like you’re living the life of your most Extreme Dreams—without trying to become a millionaire, but instead FEEL like you’re living like one.

  1. Believe:  Believe you have an inherent right to financial independence, security and plentitude. If you always believe you will be poor, broke, lonely, and dependent on others or systems, you will always be poor, broke, lonely and dependent on others which gives you a feeling of insecurity, lacking, and puts you into “martyr” or “victim” mode. Start shifting to a sense of Success-consciousness daily– focus on whatever small successes you performed that day and give yourself credit for those small accomplishments.
  1. Let go:  Let go of false realities. Let go of limiting beliefs. Let go of folks in your circle who operate from a place of lack, limitation and who transfer fears upon you. Also, let go of this “all or nothing” attitude such as, “If I don’t win the lottery, then I will never be a millionaire! “ Let go of the belief you have to be a millionaire in order to feel abundant, prosperous and “rich.” Newsflash: No. You. Don’t. You could simply earn an extra 30% of your current salary and feel “rich.”
  1. Never say “It’s expensive” again:  I really hate this phrase. And, I really hate it when I hear others say it. Choose to view everything as an “investment.” When you start to use the phrase “investing in,” your ideas about money will shift. When we view everything as expensive, we’re not seeing a clear picture. We begin to find ways to make that statement true. Instead, tell yourself it’s time to invest in yourself and then do what you need to make that investment happen. Ask yourself what you need to cut out, work on, add into your life or budget in order to make these investments happen. If you have credit card debt, when you make your monthly payments, tell yourself your investing in learning money lessons and your financial future. Before you know it, your mindset will change and your debt will be paid off with less frustration and more concentration.
  1. Employee-EntrepreneurEntrepreneur vs. Employee Mindset:  I started to earn more money in my business when I saw myself as an entrepreneur and not a “slave” or employee to my business. If you have a job, see yourself as investing in your future by being an “apprentice” of the company you work for. When you start to have “buy in” to this mentality, you become a visionary for your future, make better choices, and become more creative. Entrepreneurs see the bigger picture and have big vision. See the bigger financial picture for your life and what you want and then take action like an entrepreneur.
  1. Extra cash= Extra Education:  Whenever I have any extra money, I reinvest in me, meaning I get certified in something new, attend a new class, or obtain a new license. Extra cash has always meant extra education to me, and that education does not have to be conventional; you don’t have to go back to university, for example. Every summer, to this day, I put myself through new coaching schools or even invest in my hobbies, which may garner me another certificate. No matter what, the extra investment is always worth it as I deepen my learning, get to share it with others, and perhaps if I choose to, I can commercialize on that new education by offering my services in that new school of thought I just invested in. Besides earning money by reinvesting in your education, you earn depth of self, feel empowered, have the opportunity to network with others, as well as broaden your personality with others in your life, career or business. Extra education, I feel, is the key to earning a six-figure income or doubling your current salary. 
  1. Donate and pay it forward:  Generosity is key. I find we get too attached to money. It seems we are too focused on it and become so worried, that we often forget to donate or give to charity. Many of us don’t tip or under-tip out of fear of not having enough. I always know my insecurity around money alarm-bell is going off when I start to worry about how much I should tip. When I hear that bell go off, I actually tip more—basically, at this moment, I am sending a message to myself that I am capable, resourceful, creative, stable, secure, abundant and will ALWAYS find a way to have enough and plenty. When you donate and give to charity, you are building a “faith muscle” that you will always be provided for and can always provide to others. In Coaching, we teach others to take the counter-intuitive (see Tip #7 below) path because it helps you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. In order to make change happen (like bringing more money into your life, doubling your income and/or garnering six—figures annually), it’s super-important to start taking action that is the opposite of what you’ve been taking.
  1. Do the counter-intuitive thing:  Doing the opposite as you’ve always done, helps you build and flex a “new” muscle in prosperity. If we always believe we won’t have enough, don’t have enough, then, we will never have enough (you know the good ol’ adage: if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it is a duck).  I have a few friends who constantly talk about money and I can hear their words dripping with fear. It’s like an obsession. To put things in perspective, they’ve never been homeless, never gone hungry and they DO have jobs. These friends live in different parts of the world, but their ongoing “mental stories” are the same. It’s time to rewrite the story and it’s time to revisit Tip #1. Start writing the story of what you DO want to have, see, feel and experience and STOP talking about what you don’t have, don’t want to experience and don’t want to feel. Put your focus on the possible and where you’d like to go.
  1. wantVSneedWant vs. Need:  If you dig shopping therapy and over-spending or simply spending, read this tip many times over. I started working at age 14. Once I got that job, my Mom told me I had to buy my own clothes and shoes. I wasn’t earning a lot and I liked clothes of course. So, I saved and saved those little paychecks in my then; little checking account. The following year after I got my first job, my Catholic High School decided to do away with the uniforms, and allow us to “free-dress.” Most teens would have loved this, but considering I had to buy my own clothes, I wasn’t too keen on the new free-dress policy. Nonetheless, this new policy taught me the best financial lesson of all: Want versus Need. Instead of going shopping and buying everything I wanted, I began to take mental assessment of what I truly needed. I would walk around the store with all the things I “wanted” on my arm, but by the end of my shopping experience after I asked myself, “Do I really need this,” I’d end up walking out with only one item (the item I needed). To this day, I still operate by this rule. And, I’ve learned to also buy Quality versus Quantity; which means I can actually buy more expensive items (based on want vs. need) and they last longer, and actually in the long-run it saves me money.
  1. Pay cash:  Stop this credit card thing unless you’ve got a low-interest credit card that earns miles, for example: I have only ONE credit card, and I use it for big-ticket items because I earn frequent flyer miles, and I’m a frequent flyer traveling at least one, possibly two times per month internationally. BUT, here’s the caveat: I pay that credit card off IN FULL every month, so I ALWAYS have a zero-balance. If you’ve become a credit card junkie, please cut up all cards now and begin DOUBLING UP ON YOUR MONTLY PAYMENTS. Paying just the minimum will get you nowhere. If you’re using credit cards like they are cash, it’s time to apply the Want versus Need tip from Tip #8.
  1. Stop being a victim:  Stop being a martyr. Stop “cheap” thinking but also don’t over-indulge. Treat yourself, yes, but it’s not necessary to prove yourself to the neighbors. And for the love of God: Know yourself. Know who you really, really, really, are and accept that essence of you. Live that essence of you with NO apologies. I believe that people don’t earn what they really deserve because they don’t know themselves, and often feel they don’t deserve a good income. Nonsense. Stop it. Yes, you do. Get over yourself.
  1. Stop researching and get on with it:  So many people who coach with me tell me, “But Laurie, (and let it be known I hate it when anybody starts a sentence with the word, “but”) I just can’t get my business started till I finish this business plan, then save up enough capital, and then attend this school and make my website, and …and… and…”.  Paralysis by over-analysis. A total buzz-kill. A total potential to earning a 6-figure income has also just been put to an end with that very sentence. If this sounds like you, please, see Tip #10. After 13 years of having my business, I’ll be brutally honest, I still DON’T have a business plan. Yep, there I said it. And, I NEVER worry about money. So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and stop believing the hype! Do what you want to do. Simple. As. That.
  1. Buck the system, forego the status quo, embrace the unconventional, and don’t be standard:  My business is built on these four pillars.If you take on these four pillars when it comes to attracting abundance and prosperity, you will never be broke again, period. So, find your unconventional. Find your ways of even bucking your own self-imposed conditioning and mental programs. Find your ways to forego the status quo.
  1. It takes guts:  Listen to your gut. Tap into your intuition and never let go. Operate from inspiration and not desperation. Once you take inspired action regularly, continually and daily, you’ll be right on track to doubling your income and/or earning a 6-figure salary.

A bold post, I know, and I was biting my nails for a minute typing it, but I was taught years ago to share abundance and knowledge.  I’m a bit sick and tired of all these sensational “gurus” going on about becoming a millionaire, because I find it a bit of bullshit to prey on people’s desperation. Rather, I’d prefer to get a bit practical and pragmatic, and share ways to make life a bit easier, by aiming for a six-figure income OVER TIME.  By “over time”, I mean that perhaps in six months, you start to notice you have $500 in savings which you never had before; or perhaps you’ve paid off one of your five maxed-out credit cards in one year, or perhaps you suddenly received an unexpected raise, or were given a bonus. Whatever the case may be, you may start to notice you feel less worried about money, and are reinvesting your money wisely and valuing your dough, rather than resenting it.

Now, I’m not saying you’re going to earn six (6) figures over night–that didn’t happen with me– but after listening to my intuition, setting boundaries over and over again, honoring my passions, bucking systems and no longer listening to other people’s money fears, I can honestly say that I’m super happy working for myself without those old “money gremlins” battling it out in my head, and I feel more secure and financially-free than ever before.

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About Laurie Santos

Owner and Founder of Extreme Dream Training. Certified Life Coach, Master Reiki Healer, Certified Law of Attraction Expert, Certified EFQM Assessor. Surfer, expat, lover of animals, poetry and silence.


  1. I LOVED THIS!!! It’s about time I hear it bluntly! My mother has this saying in Spanish, “Si el saco te queda, pontelo.” translation “If the coat fits, wear it!” This information is absolutely a perfect guide to follow because everything you said in this article fits me. It’s interesting how our daily thoughts really do affect us and cause us to hurt ourselves even though we don’t mean it. I too, started a small business with no business plan and at times struggle and that’s all I worry about; but beginning now I will definitely put this advice into practice! Thank you Laurie! You’re wisdom is MOST APPRECIATED!

    • Laurie Santos says:

      Julia! Thanks for staying in touch and for reading the blog and thanks mucho for commenting! It’s so validating for all of us to read the journey fellow entrepreneurs go through to get business started, maintained and fully established. It can be such a super-fun journey and yet challenging at times, too, yet for me, I’ve learned to find the joy in those obstacles that pop up and then to turn them into opportunities. It sounds like you’re on track and finding the blessings in your process. I know from my perspective, having a business has taught me so much: resilience, resourcefulness, creativity, imagination, innovation, to accept that making a mistake is okay, and self-reliance. To me, these things are priceless and well worth the investment of continuing to buy-into my business and service. 13 years after first filing my first business license, I can say that I have no regrets for never finishing that business plan. To date, I work for myself, have money in savings, no debt, and have achieved my biggest dream of world travel. These things didn’t happen over night and I imagine that if they had happened overnight, I would not have as much appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness. I also think I may have become unappreciative of all the ways I finally have been able to make my business ‘happen.’ Perhaps I would have been too selfish or too impulsive? who knows?!? If there’s anything I can offer you, it’s this: Be gentle on yourself as a businesswoman. Have fun with all the little exiting things that occur. Enjoy the process of figuring it all out. And, most importantly, ask for and RECEIVE support, assistance, and help when needed. Keep up the GREAT work! Abrazos, Laurie

  2. Awesome tips! I set up a payment plan and goal to pay off my ONE credit card on my own. It was challenging at first, but once I saw my balance going lower and lower – that became my new rush! I LOVE seeing my weekly accomplishments! I also wrote down my payment plan in my weekly calendar. It was as simple as a note to self saying, “Pay BIG on VISA!” on paydays and “Pay SMALL on VISA” on non paydays, in between. And, YES!, the discipline is paying off! Yay for me! This will enable me to shop and fully enjoy my yearly vacations, without the fear of overstepping my credit card. :)

    • Laurie Santos says:

      Sandra, firstly, thanks a million for reading the blog! Secondly, thanks mucho for commenting! I appreciate your feedback, personal insights and sharing with all of us your personal experiences regarding finances and how you’ve made such HUGE strides to have more moolah in the bank. I think the readers here at Extreme Dream Training can also learn from your story. I love the wording you’re using, “Pay Big on Visa!”—that’s just so awesome! I look forward to you keeping us posted on what’s next and how you continue to feel financially free. Go girl! xo, Laurie

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