Laurie SantosExtreme Dream Training International was founded by Laurie A. Santos in the San Francisco Bay area of California in 2003 while Laurie was still a United States Probation and Parole Officer for the Northern District of California. Laurie had an “Extreme Dream” she wanted to live out which was leave to her career and move to Spain and Portugal. Admittedly, she did not know how to make this Extreme Dream happen so she enrolled in several self-development coaching and training programs and was shown the way. After completing her Coaching certifications  and coursework at Coaches Training Alliance and Coaches Training Institute, she finally resigned from the world of law and justice and headed for Europe. It wasn’t until Laurie did “the work” herself that she knew individuals and organizations could do anything they wished to achieve once shown the way.

As the founder and owner of Extreme Dream Training, Laurie believes in the fundamental imperative that she not teach, coach or train anything that she herself hasn’t tested, tried and proven to be effective and successful.

At Extreme Dream Training, all trainings, Coaching, and “playshops” are customized and tailored by Laurie herself in the modalities she’s created and used in her own life.

In order for Extreme Dream Training to stand apart from the rest, we believe in the importance of: Bucking systems; foregoing the status quo; embracing the unconventional; tapping into innovation and imagination and having a ton of fun while doing so.  This is why we call our workshops, “Playshops,” and invite in games, activities, role plays, in-the-moment coaching, funny videos, presentations and other stimulating exercises in order to imprint the material so it’s easy to apply and implement once back at the office.

We are not interested in creating conventional companies. Extreme Dream is here to show companies how to Leave Your Print so you’ll be remembered for a lifetime among your employees, clients, and community.