[Tips & Tools for Trainers & Training Providers] How To Create Money-Making Course Content

When one teaches, two learn. -Robert Heinlein

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Last week you should have received a cheatsheet on how to find and keep stellar Freelance Trainers that help you bring in the dollars. Not only did those tips help you select the best trainers to generate income but those tips show you the way to create beneficial and powerful courses for your clients by selecting top trainers.  There was a problem with the link I sent last week (so sorry about that), so here it is again just in case you didn’t get to tune-in: Freelance Trainers That Help You Make Money.

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8 Toxic Phrases to Never Say to Yourself (or Others)

As we enter the second month of this 2016 year, it’s easy to get down on ourselves if we haven’t yet gotten started on our resolutions, goals or dreams. Before you know it, we’re beating ourselves up, getting down on ourselves, and becoming our worst enemy. Unfortunately, once we enter this cycle of “self-bullying”, it’s very difficult to break these painful patterns that prevent us from heading in the direction we truly desire to go. Too often, we don’t realize that the phrases we silently say to ourselves may be actually hurting us to the point of self-sabotage. We may even tell ourselves that these self-defeating phrases are “no big deal”, or that “everybody talks like this to themselves”. But, the truth is, the truly successful, truly happy, and truly effective individuals in our society do everything in their power to overcome their demons by making a conscientious effort to replace “stinking thinking” with more purposeful phrases that serve them instead of cost them their dreams, visions and plans. In today’s blog post, we’re outlining some common phrases that may seem benign but that could actually keep you from realizing your actual potential. As Ice Cube so poignantly put it: Check Yo’self Before You Wreck Yourself. 😉

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Privacy is Purposeful—15 Proven Ways to Get in More “Me” Time (even if you’re a mommy or daddy)

I have to admit, I had to force myself to stop at 15 tips and not go overboard as this topic is near-and-dear to my heart; I’m a sucker for me-time. In fact, I can’t get quite enough of it.

As a busy businesswoman, I’ve learned over the years that if I don’t get my quiet time, err, I’m a tad cranky and crabby. Okay, a lot crabby and cranky.

The older I’ve gotten and the longer I’ve had my business, the more I’ve realized that privacy is so purposeful. It brings focus, clarity, good health, less sickness, less stress, creativity, inspiration, innovation, connection to self and ideas, and more productivity and purpose. [Read more…]