Corporate Training & “Playshops”

Gone are the days of the coveted PowerPoint slideshow with the trainer clicking slides in a boring, monotone voice, in front a podium simply reciting statistics, studies, and research. BORING!

If you’ve come to us expecting dry lectures, we apologize in advance but you’ve come to the wrong place.

We call ourselves Extreme Dream Training for a reason: we believe in bucking the system, foregoing the status quo, and forging the innovative, imaginative, and creative by embracing the unconventional. We know when we get our clients tapping into their dream and realizing their vision a major Extreme Dream has just been born. And there’s one thing we love to do at Extreme Dream Training: we love to put the “Extreme” in our name.

Nothing We Do Is Ordinary

We show you how to Leave Your Print, a Lasting Legacy, something that keeps you on the map.

Through fun games, exciting and interactive activities, partner work, Shadow Coaching, role plays, trendy video clips, daring engaging work with strangers on the street (yes, strangers on the street!), and in-the-moment Coaching with our Chief Extreme Dream Officer, Laurie A. Santos, our Playshops, Training, and Coaching are experiences like no other.

Here’s what we guarantee:

  • Humor and fun to get participants engaged and wanting to “try this stuff” back at the office
  • Creating scenarios that are relevant in a safe place to practice material that will get in the participants’ “code” and DNA, and stick with them for life benefitting them in both their personal and professional life
  • Teambuilding to eradicate silos and conflict
  • Changed lives and attitudes
  • Personalized, customized experiences that have participants wanting to leave a lasting legacy and “Energetic Footprint” in your organization and this awesome planet
  • Greater ideas and bigger visions, which lead to more power, purpose and productivity
  • More authentic and sincere leaders who, in turn, create more authentic and sincere leaders

Everybody wants to be remembered. Nobody wants to be forgotten. We all want to leave a little piece of ourselves behind but sometimes we just don’t know how to do it. With Extreme Dream Training, we facilitate and navigate the way to Leaving Your Print.

For a list of Extreme Dream Training’s Corporate Training Services and “Playshops,” please inquire within.