How Training Providers and Trainers Can Stay Current in 7 Simple Strategies

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. -Chinese Proverb


Here are 7 tips you can immediately implement to keep your courses and workshops current, gain more clients, keep old clients engaged, help others grow and develop, all while earning more money.


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How Training Providers and Trainers Can Stay Current in 7 Simple Strategies


1. Read and research as much as possible. Have a favorite book that touched your life? Create some exercises from specific lessons you learnt in that favorite book—this is a wonderful way to stay fresh in the training industry. Incorporate cool and funky questionnaires, group activities and games based on what you’ve recently read. Most trainers I’ve met are using the same material over and over; not only are they bored from teaching the same thing but this bored energy is transferred to the participants which only results in crappy evaluations and no-repeat-business for you, the trainer, or the training provider.

2. Search YouTube and Facebook frequently for short, fun and poignant video clips that illustrate various topics you wish to highlight in your customize courses. YouTube is also a wonderful source of fun and funny icebreakers you can incorporate into your modules to keep the energy high and the participants open-minded.

3. Invent your own games, activities and exercises. Simply offering a few games and exercises you invented customizes your content and demonstrates how committed you are to your craft. Share the systems you’ve designed and created and don’t forget to include the backstory of why and how you created these systems. 

4. Attend new trainings yourself. Get certified in new concepts and do this at least once annually, if not more often. Trends in training change and if your material is outdated, the client will definitely find another training provider to meet their needs. Plus, it is our responsibility to remain current and provide material that the participants can immediately implement, apply and use.




5. Don’t just teach in the course room. If you can, take participants outside for some modules and teach there. Sitting in the same place can be tiring for participants and their attention span can wane if we don’t change the location up from time-to-time. Or, if you’re teaching onsite at the client’s place of business, have them do an exercise with the non-participants—teach them the module, and then have them walk out to various offices to apply that module with their colleagues who are not in the course.

6.Use a variety of teaching techniques to keep participants engaged and coming back for more, plus facilitation and in-the-moment coaching. From playing some fun music while participants are working in a group activity to breaking them up into different groups several times throughout the workshop, to bringing arts and crafts to help them illustrate their group’s learnings for a particular exercise, you can remain current while also making sure they are truly learning the course objectives in your classes. Also, considering one of the major trends in training this year is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, invest in some VR equipment to up the ante of your role plays and scenarios.

7. Stop freaking talking. It’s important to ensure that your participants are understanding the material you’re teaching them but the only way to do this is by letting them do the work and trusting they are understanding. Once you’ve introduced the module, back off. Break them into an application exercise to give you a break, rest your voice, and to also see how they are interacting with each other and enjoying the material. It is only when we give participants some space that we can really feel what is happening in the room, as well as interpret their energy around the subject they are learning.

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