[Resource for Training Professionals] 3 Reasons Your Back-office May Be Costing You Money

“A few months ago, I decided it was time to find a technological platform that would understand AND meet all of my back-office needs. Over the past 6 years alone, I’ve worked with approximately 52 training providers; multiply that number by all of their staff I must coordinate with, the number of courses I have to deliver with each provider, pre and post-tests, participant commentary, email exchanges, invoice and payment tracking, scheduling, content creation…and well I know YOU totally get it! I was overwhelmed, fatigued, annoyed, and simply frustrated over trying to track it all. I was searching for a system that could hopefully intuitively grasp the daily dealings of a Corporate Trainer, as well as training staff, training departments and training providers.” -Laurie A. Santos, Extreme Dream Training

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Over the past 3 weeks, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the key elements to guaranteeing terrific trainings—even when the economic climate has dramatically shifted. We’re now at the 3rd post of a 4-part series where we’ve  been discussing four (4) main categories to focus upon to run a successful training department or training company—to rise above a crisis, to preserve profit, to lead participants to course completion and to help them have higher engagement and retention rates.  If you didn’t get the chance to check out last week’s post yet, you can check it out here: How to Create Money-Making Course Content.

Today we will be going over three (3) reasons you may be losing loads of money due to having the “Back-office Blues.”  You may also be losing more than just money if your back-office isn’t organized—you may be losing morale among your training staff (not such a good idea since we’re in the business of raising morale!); losing inspired ideas which could lead to long-term client relationships; and/or losing the fun and joy that working as a training professional is supposed to bring. If you are experiencing just one of these issues, it could be the very thing that keeps your training company surviving and thriving. So, let’s not have this be you. 

The purpose of today’s post is to identify where you’re falling short when it comes to back-office organization and administration. And, to introduce you to an incredibly powerful resource that solves the 3 profit-preventing pitfalls we will discuss in this post. 

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Manifest Monday: 7 Ways We Screw Up our Manifesting Mojo

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First, a quick little worthwhile Manifest Master survey:

  • Do others say you’re hyper-sensitive? Quick-to-anger or have a short fuse?
  • Do you feel you’ve got it in you to make your dreams come true but somehow you just keep falling a bit short and don’t know exactly why?
  • Are you often referred to as a dreamer? Or that your
    head is in the clouds?”
  • Do you feel misunderstood or unaccepted because you see or experience things differently than others?

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Feel Good Friday: 6 Simple Secrets to Happiness

Everybody loves Fridays. In the west, we know it means the weekend is coming. And, in many other cultures, it actually begins the first day of the weekend as is the case in the Arabian gulf and other parts of North Africa, for example. No matter how you slice it, Friday pretty much is a good-news day. Keeping the theme of “feeling good” alive, let’s go over some fun, funky, and unique ways you can incorporate more yumminess into your life by unlocking the secrets to harmonious happiness in the tips below.




If you want to become happy, be. -Leo Tolstoy

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Kick Stress Out of Your Life the Extreme Dream Way: 10 Tips to Bliss

Stress-busting-tips pics

Recently I’ve moved from the Middle East to The Netherlands. Studies show that moving along with changing jobs or starting a new career can be some of the most stressful undertakings we humans endure. I concur. Now that the most difficult part of the move is over (which also entailed getting my fur-babes over to Europe), I’ve found myself stressing over stuff that’s a little less tangible: having less to do; not having a car; getting a bike as the Dutchies do and making that my main mode of transport; and wondering what exactly to do with myself when I have more time on my hands.

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8 Toxic Phrases to Never Say to Yourself (or Others)

As we enter the second month of this 2016 year, it’s easy to get down on ourselves if we haven’t yet gotten started on our resolutions, goals or dreams. Before you know it, we’re beating ourselves up, getting down on ourselves, and becoming our worst enemy. Unfortunately, once we enter this cycle of “self-bullying”, it’s very difficult to break these painful patterns that prevent us from heading in the direction we truly desire to go. Too often, we don’t realize that the phrases we silently say to ourselves may be actually hurting us to the point of self-sabotage. We may even tell ourselves that these self-defeating phrases are “no big deal”, or that “everybody talks like this to themselves”. But, the truth is, the truly successful, truly happy, and truly effective individuals in our society do everything in their power to overcome their demons by making a conscientious effort to replace “stinking thinking” with more purposeful phrases that serve them instead of cost them their dreams, visions and plans. In today’s blog post, we’re outlining some common phrases that may seem benign but that could actually keep you from realizing your actual potential. As Ice Cube so poignantly put it: Check Yo’self Before You Wreck Yourself. 😉

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